Sophisticated Farmhouse Kitchen
The main goals were to have a high functioning working kitchen, to best use the space and allow this family to grow in this kitchen. Easy accessibility for the 5 children was also imperative. So a lot of extra storage was added in the base cabinets the children can help themselves to. The unique blend of multiple materials and combination of textures makes this space so interesting. The entire focal point of this kitchen is the relocation of the range location making it the show stopper in this space. There are so many interesting design features, from the gorgeous marble backsplash, tin ceiling detail, antique steal faucets, reclaimed brick coffee station and stunning black windows together keep your eye moving about the space all blending together for a cohesive modern farmhouse look. We didn't have any square footage to add so I had to be extra creative and use every vertical and horizontal inch of the space to accommodate the storage needs as well as the extra wide appliances.